Jirene's Genealogy Treasures

Genealogical Information of Interest on my Ancestors: Morris and Ellsworth families including Lee, Halladay, Wanslee, Gordge, McFerren, and Blackhurst (England, Ireland, Wales, Australia to the US: Arkansas, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, New Jersey, North Carolina, Utah and Arizona), and the Butler and Adams families including Hancock, Lind, DeWitt, McCleve, Thetford, and Nielsen (England, Ireland, Denmark to the US: Connecticut, Illinois, Indiana, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, North Carolina, New Jersey, Vermont, Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio, Missouri, Utah, and Arizona).

Why? (My Mission Statement)

I remember being taught wonderful stories of my ancestors who traversed the plains of the United States and helped settle Utah and Arizona. I remember my Mom insisting we stop at all historical markers while traveling the roads of Arizona to learn if our family was somehow linked or influential in that historical event. I remember our family reunions at Mt. Laguna California, Prescott, Yuma and Safford Arizona (sans television or cell phones no less!), where our only entertainment was hearing our uncles sing the old songs, the unending belly-rolling laughs, and endless days of fun fun fun! Even to this day I enjoy all of my cousins' company, and I credit my parents' love of family and fortitude to gather us all together.

I have found that several of my family members don't have an "inkling" of their great heritage from which they hail. Hence, I'm hoping to preserve my favorite memories and our family histories, and hopefully be able to present it in an interesting format that encourages a desire to learn more and to carry on this great legacy.

Every family member is important and loved. "There will be no empty chairs at our family's table!"

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