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Feb 21, 2011

Mary Anne Adams and Elena Halladay Ellsworth: In-Laws to Be 41 Years Later

Two beautiful grandmothers of mine:  Mary (May) Anne Adams (Butler) at 7 years old, and Elena (Lena) Halladay Ellsworth (Morris), at 21 years old in 1902.  Who would have thought that in 41 years they would both be in-laws when my parents married in 1943?

The above photo is actually a crop of the photo below entitled "Central Sunday School, October 5, 1902."  My grandmothers are on the first row, just left of center:
(Click on photo to enlarge.)
If you want to zoom in on faces this photo, go to my other website Jirene's Genealogy Tips to see how I manipulated this photo using Zoom.it.  

The amazing thing (really, a blessing) is that although this photo has been in my possession for several years, I now have the names of EVERYONE in the photo.  How did I come across this information?  Thanks again to one of my favorite aunts, Ruth Anna Butler King.

It was at Aunt Ruth's funeral service in Central, Arizona, where I saw this photo on the wall of the church.  I recognized it immediately, and was so grateful to see that someone had taken the time to identify everyone in the photo.  Here is the photo taken at the LDS Central Ward Building in Central, Arizona (with the names):

(Click on photo to enlarge.)

Now we can identify many other ancestors and cousins of our ancestors.  If you are wondering who everyone else is, here's the list:

1. Willie Cluff, 2. Vilda Allen, 3. Kate Adams, 4. Rosa Cluff, 5. Mildred Porter, 6. Earl Adams, 7. May Adams, 8. Aaura May Cluff, 9. Lena Ellsworth, 10. Bird Porter, 11. Cora Porter, 12. Emma Allred, 13. Nora Allen, 14. Zena Cluff, 15. Eliza Allred, 16. Lydia Combs, 17. Vernie Cluff, 18. Bill Shurts, 19. Stella Cluff, 20. Bessie Shurtz, 21. Lavina Cluff.

22. Wilford Tyler, 23. Will Tyler, 24. Walt Dodge, 25. Julius Christensen, 26. Josephine Cluff, 27. Genie Tyler, 28. Jesse Ellsworth, 29. Omer Cluff, 30. Ben Whitmer, 31. Frances Ellsworth, 32. Wallace Jenkins, 33. Alvie Motes, 34. Brigham Motes, 35. Edith Coombs, 36. Edna Allen, 37. Flora Cluff, 38. Allice Allred, 39. Mary Ellsworth.

40. Mike Allred, 41. Dave Dodge, 42. DeWitt Motes, 43. Ed Smith, 44. Walt Hicks, 45. Ernest Motes, 46. Adele Motes, 47. Joe Allred, 48. Art Lee, 49. Rozill Whitmer, 50. Lorinne Lee, 51. Zina Jenkins, 52. Bernice Webster, 53. Nada Cluff, 54. Hazel Porter, 55. Bessie Tate, 56. Maggie Cluff, 57. Rita Cluff, 58. Manda Tyler, 59. Effie Cluff, 60. Laura Webster, 61. Lydia Ellsworth, 62. Minnie Dodge, 63. Emma Ellsworth.

64. Oscar Tyler, 65. Eliza Bigler, 66. May Bigler, 67. Rhoda Blaine, 68. Martha Webster, 69. May Mattice, 70. Ethel Motes, 71. Martha Coombs, 72. Diantha Smith, 73. Ida Jenkins, 74. Mary Shiflett, 75. Baby Cluff, 76. Irene Cluff, 77. Emley Webster, 78. Emma Coombs, 79. Nellie Tate, 80. Mildred Bigler.

81. David Cluff, 82. George Coombs, 83. David Ellsworth, 84. John Hicks, 85. Brigham Cluff, 86. Joseph Sowell, 87. Davisel Ellsworth, 88. Edsel Allred, 89. Will Bigler, 90. George Shurtz, 91. Kapus Motes, 92. William Coombs.

93. Sam Webster, 94. Robert Lee, 95. David Cluff Jr., 96. Ira Jenkins, 97. Presley Motes, 98. Bp. James Cluff, 99. Riley Shurtz, 100. Charles Watson, 101. David Adams, 102.  R. D. Motes.

I hope you will find some of your ancestors in the photo!


P.S.  My photo is not entirely identical to the photo found at the Central Ward LDS building.  However, you can still identify who most people are.


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